Renew a Prescription

When it’s time to refill or renew your prescription medication, there are a few easy tips that can make the process smoother for you, your pharmacist and your provider.

Routine prescriptions will only be refilled during normal business hours.

  • We require 4 business days, advance notice to complete a refill of your prescription(s).
    If you need to call the office about renewing your prescription, please be sure to do so at least 4 days before you will need the new medication. This allows your provider time to review your medication and medical history, contact the pharmacy and notify you if any follow-up, such as an appointment, is needed.
  • For a routine refill contact your pharmacy first. Calling the pharmacy before you contact the clinic can save you time when it comes to refilling your prescription. The pharmacy can easily fax a request to the provider including all the necessary information. You might even find out you have refills available.
  • If your prescription is running low, please do not wait until the weekend or until your medication has completely run out. If you are planning to travel out of town, please make sure you have enough medication to take on your trip.
  • Controlled medications, such as narcotics, must be called into the office and picked up. You may send someone to pick up your medication for you, but we will check photo identification for controlled medications.
  • Always take all medications as directed.

In some cases we may be unable to renew a prescription until you schedule an appointment with your provider. Please contact our office with any additional questions or concerns about refilling or renewing your prescriptions.